Offering the best in class Discord Setup and Graphic Design services.

Are you looking for best in class Discord Setups or Graphic Design services, you have come to the right place. I offer high quality services at affordable prices, everything by me is made with passion and heart.

About Me

Best in class graphic designer for all your needs..

I'm TiMyTi11, mainly a Graphic Designer with passion and creativity, I enjoy what I do, and my clients are always happy and satisfied. If you'd like to order a service from me, add me on discord: TiMyTi11#0001.


What do my clients say?

Chill and easy to talk to. Doesn't mind making any changes.

~ Tree

Very nice, did everything, perfectly, did it quickly, and helped a lot.

~ Sao

Nice and helpful. Quickly responded and made it for me.

~ KacperM

Vouch, has done tons of work for me and I haven’t been disappointed once! Would definitely recommend any of his services

~ Kalox

Overall, a friendly, generous, talented graphic designer that deserves your money without a doubt.

~ MatthewForest

Worth doing business with and very easy to do business with, Will hire for each possible design i need to make regarding my network.

~ Tinuy

2+ Years of experience

45+ Projects Completed

75+ clients happy